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Ladybarn & Green End Year 5 Family Reading Detectives Workshop


Parents and children were given a mystery to solve - who stole the precious, unique scarab from the Ancient Egyptian part of the museum?


Working together, the family detective teams studied clues to try to work out who the thief was! By doing so, childen learnt important reading comprehension skills.


It was an excellent session, both parents and children were fantastic! If you would like the resources to use at home, please ask at the office.


Ladybarn parents said about the workshop


"I never knew reading could be so much fun! We have both enjoyed working together."


"This afternoon has been brilliant, I understand now how to help my child with reading comprehension skills. Thank you so much."



Whilst Green End parents said  "It's been such a challenging, fun afternoon for us. Please could we do more things like this?" 


"I found this very educational for myself and my child and we both had fun too!"