Inventors & Inventions

We are delighted to announce that the Year 2 children of Green End and Ladybarn, who studied the topic of inventors and inventions last year, have had their work published into a book by the Race Relations Education trust in Manchester!


Beautifully illustrated and full of interesting facts, the book truly is amazing. Did you know that Mary Anderson invented Windshield Wipers? Crisps were actually an accidental invention when a chef was asked to make a customers' order of chips really thin! The parachute was also accidentally invented in 852 when Abbas Ibn Firnas tried to fly! 


Each child will receive a copy of the book, it will be a useful teacher resource and further copies are also  available to read at both school entrances. 


Thank you to all the children and staff involved in the project as well as the Race Relations Education Trust for showcasing our work. 


Here are some pages from our book!