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Ramadan Fundraising - 'Coffee 4 Craig'

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I am sure you will be aware, for the Muslim families in our school community, the holy month of Ramadan begins at the end of this month.

We understand that charity is a really important part of Ramadan. Therefore, this year we would like to launch a fundraiser to help the homeless in Manchester. Tragically, homelessness is a big problem at the moment and recently, the new Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, has pledged to help reduce homelessness, even donating 15% of his salary towards this cause.

We are going to be working with a homeless charity called ‘Coffee 4 Craig’ which runs street kitchens in the city centre, providing food, clothes and toiletries to people affected.

For this, we are asking for contributions from the list below to be brought into school on:

LADYBARN: Tuesday June 13th

CRINGLEBROOK: Wednesday 14th June

GREEN END: Friday 23rd Jun

I really appreciate your support with all our fund raising events and hope that our whole school community can join together and bring in a donation to this really worthwhile charity.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

L Vyas

Executive Headteacher

Street Kitchen for the Homeless ‘Wish list’:

  • Joggers (ladies / mens sizes S /M) - Wipes

  • T shirts (ladies / mens sizes S /M ) - Shower gel

  • Socks (ladies / mens sizes S /M) - Toothpaste

  • Underwear/ Boxer shorts (sizes S /M) - Tooth brushes

  • Bottles of water - Deodorants

  • Chocolates / Cakes / Biscuits

  • Coffee Any unwanted sleeping bags / rucksacks

  • Tea bags also gratefully received.

  • Hot chocolate

  • Sugar

  • UHT milk

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